Monetizing your company's text data

Data is the new gold!

Data is key for your digital transformation. theMatchBox transforms text into data that will save you time, reduce risk and increase your revenue.

With theMatchBox:

  • Recruiters can match jobs and candidates faster
  • Legal practitioners can save time wasted on manual searches
  • Researchers can quickly search through all of their data
  • Sofware engineers build text-savy solutions

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Recruiters: Double your efficiency now

Looking for the highest precision & recall for your ATS or job website? theMatchBox will find significant more matching candidates or jobs in your own datasources or online sources. This saves your recruiters precious time and increase your conversion rates. Have a look at our pitch how we make the difference or download our research to understand why customers choose theMatchBox, an API first next generation solution combined with world-class service. #hrtech #digitaltransformation

"theMatchBox saves our HR customers up to 2 hours to find a matching flexworker, giving them a big advantage in the very competitive recruiting market." - Arjan Seunninga, Director Technology at HelloFlex (NL)


Want to match jobs and candidates more efficiently?

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Legal: save time now

TheMatchBox' automatic legal analysis and search solution assists you to search through and analyze big bulks of law, case law, doctrine and other legal documentation.

TheMatchBox NLP/AI-based technology seamlessly understands the meaning of context and specific legal jargon, which results in only relevant data extraction from any type of legal document or dataset (OUT).

The MatchBox gives you access to valuable insights which today are most often locked up in unstructured sets of legal documents!

theMatchBox in legaltech

Are you a legal practitioner that wants to work quicker?

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Other verticals

theMatchBox delivers value propositions in several industries where handling text is essential. Typically theMatchBox's value is measured in efficiency and reducing workload and risk.

theMatchBox helps dpo stay compliant


GDPR is a serious matter. Making sure you have identified all documents with personal data in your company is key to manage your risks of dataleaks. theMatchBox can help you discover all of them. #risk

theMatchBox can help you convert transcripts into stats

Contact Center Supervisor

Today contact centers are multichannel: whatsapp, email, chat, calls. TheMatchBox can help to structure all this textual data and detect trends and the mood of your customers automatically. Avoiding supervisors to read and interpret all the communications.

helping datascientists around the world

Data Scientist/BI

Having trouble getting business intelligence, trends or patterns out of a bunch of documents? theMatchBox can help you organise it, clean it, classify it and turn it into real business value.

theMatchBox adds value to any software

Software company

theMatchBox is an API first back-end application that can be plugged into any business processes that require transforming unstructured texts into structured data. Data cleansing, Normalisation, Correction, Pattern matching. Easy to deploy in your private cloud or via our SaaS platform.

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Under the hood of theMatchBox

º API first software architecture
º Smart use of AI
º Top notch language analysers
º Machine Learning
º Natural Language Processing
º 100% own intellectual property
º Highly scalable
º Easy to deploy and integrate
º Passion for quality
º Focussed on YOUR business case

Under the hood of theMatchBox

Looking for efficient ways to mine text?

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Some references

theMatchBox is working for several companies and organisations, helping them find the right information and intelligence out of their data using advanced language analyzers, NLP, AI and our expertise and perseverance. The companies we are allowed to mention are listed below, the others we need to keep a secret we're afraid.


Looking for efficient ways to mine text?

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About us

We are four entrepreneurs from different backgrounds, but with a shared passion for analyzing written language and building search-and-match solutions that create value for businesses around the world.

Jan Govaerts

Jan Govaerts

Managing Partner

Converting brilliant technology into value propositions. Solving pains or generating gains for over 20 years.

Joeri Mesens

Joeri Mesens


Information Retrieval specialist with over 20 years of experience in building search engines. Data protection Officer (GDPR)

Leen van Acker

Leen Van Acker


Computational linguist with a passion for R&D and language. Natural Language Processing specialist.

Vincent Schoeters

Vincent Schoeters


Legaltech junkie focusing on innovation within the legal spectrum. Helping legal practitioners to optimize their day-to-day-practice in order to achieve greater efficiencies and value.

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